Reaching an equitable world is tough, and we're here to grind through every moment

At Upwind, our mission is to increase the value of women in ultimate.

Our vision is to build the wealth of women in ultimate and invest in projects centered around women's empowerment through ultimate.  

Specifically, we plan to:

  1. Build a platform to promote the iconic women of ultimate; 

  2. Create opportunities for women to be leaders in their ultimate communities; 

  3. Tell stories by women, about women, and for all women in ultimate;

  4. Offer comprehensive health care to our employees, focused on reproductive justice and health care for all bodies; and 

  5. Reflect frequently on our personal and organizational biases and how they might impact our decision-making. 

We're a for-profit registered LLC., looking for our first round of investment. However, as a new business, we could use a lot of help and have been right now banking on the incredible work of volunteers. If you believe in the potential of this company, please consider donating $10 to help us get started. 


Board Members


Want to join our staff? Email us at laurel@thenationalultimateleague.com.