Why You Need a Membership to the RenFitness Virtual Gym

We return to our biweekly health blog with a feature on the RenFitness Virtual Gym.

Working out is key to injury prevention, especially with bodies with higher levels of estrogen and a weight distribution that is lower to the ground. Women are at much higher risks to tear their ACL, and a lot of this can be prevented by consistent working out to train both the big and little muscles that make up movement. Not only that, but doing the movements correctly means you're going to get more out of them! 

However, for the modern person, training to compete at an elite level of ultimate and/or play ultimate for a long time is unknown. We have gotten away for a long-time as a sport that trains, but potentially not as hard as some other top sports. Many of our rookies though tend to come to ultimate from other sports and so bring that competitive sports background with them, increasing the intensity of the sport, and developing the talent even more. 

At Upwind, we highly support you taking care of your body and staying healthy, so we encourage you to do yourself a favor and sign up for the RenFitness Virtual Gym. You'll get workout plans, exclusive videos on taking care of the little movements, and in depth information on nutrition. Plus, you're supporting an incredible women-run business with the mission of striving past limits and uplifting the ultimate community.

As a bonus, you can use the discount code, UPWIND10, and receive a 10% discount at checkout! And, if you're in Seattle, get to the gym! It's a great space filled with a turf area and incredible squat racks that never have a line. 

See you in the virtual gym! 

Laurel Oldershaw