#HUCKYES Research

Since there is little to no current data around sexual assault prevalence and experiences in ultimate, we've started collecting our own.

Without knowing what the issue is, we won't be able to start working toward progress. We ran two studies in our inaugural year, one for college students and one that we promoted for adults at Fools Fest, a spring kick-off party tournament outside of Washington DC. 

We acknowledge bias in our data based on our marketing channels. We promoted our college survey through our social media (Facebook, Instagram & Twitter). We also promoted through The Current, our weekly newsletter, which means the participants are most likely our followers, and therefore biased to know more about this issue. There is no data confirming this, although could be a factor.

College Ultimate - Spring 2018

In some initial studies for Upwind’s #HUCKYES campaign, results confirmed these 1 in 5 numbers for college, and also found that 84 percent of the folks who responded knew someone who has been sexually assaulted. A survey from Fools Fest found that again 1 in 5 folks have been sexually assaulted, and that 88 percent of folks know someone who has been sexually assaulted.