Jordan Stockdale

Lakewood, CO

Major: Mechanical Engineering

What's your background in ultimate? I started playing in the Spring of my Junior of high school, and have been playing ever since! The frisbee community was really big at my high school and I decided I needed to check it out, and immediately knew I had found my new sport. After graduating I came into college excited to find a new team and was lucky enough to find such a great team with Kali.

Favorite movie? How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

Favorite book? Gone Girl

Favorite food? Chick Fil A

Favorite animal? Penguin

Walk up song? Dancing Queen

Pump up song? Everytime We Touch

What's your favorite Kali memory? My favorite Kali memory is after a long hard point when everyone ran out and screamed a cheer together, and it became clear why we all put so much time and effort into this team, and that it is all worth it and pays off.

Why do role models matter? Everyone learns by watching others, and it is important that everyone has strong, and successful role models to look up to and to strive to be like. Role models show people that their dreams are possible and that hard work does pay off.

What does equity mean to you? To me, equity means that everyone, no matter their gender, has the opportunity to perform to the best of their abilities and are not seen or judged as their gender, but just as a player, or business person, or whatever their position is in the situation.

What's your favorite quote? “The comeback is always stronger than the setback”