About the Partnership

Upwind is excited to partner with Colorado Kali to increase access to elite ultimate for young women. At Upwind, we believe in the power of team to grow people, both on and off the field. Kali is a team that does that, excelling in hosting their own equity conversations within the team, and participating in larger group discussions with both the college and club community. Kali is also a 2017 College Nationals semifinalist, three-peat South Central Regional Champions, coached by 2017 Ultiworld Coach of the Year, Claire Chastain, and captained by 2018 U24s World Champion, Nhi Nguyen.

The partnership includes some financial assistance with gear, media support and exclusive interviews to bring the Kali team to life for the fans back home. 

Kali is a team full of friendship, ferocity, and fearlessness, and we are excited to support them in the 2018 season!