Mahalie Hill

Boise, ID

Major: Environmental Engineering

What's your background in ultimate? My sophomore year of high school, I quit competitively Nordic skiing and my mom wanted me to join a sport. I looked at the ultimate frisbee page for my high school and got really intimidated because people were laying out and wore cleats. One of my friends played for the team and dragged me to a practice, and I loved it. I played for the next three years, captaining my senior year for the Boise High School Braves. Last year, a coach from a different school compiled a Boise All Star team that I captained to play at the Spring Reign youth tournament in Bellingham, Washington. I also played for a few coed Boise Ultimate Scene teams. Coming to Boulder in the fall, I knew I wanted to try out for Kali, and after a few rounds of tryouts I made the team!

Favorite movie? The Incredibles

Favorite book? Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Favorite food? Trader Joe's dark chocolate peanut butter cups

Favorite animal? River otter

Walk up song? Twist and Shout by The Beatles

Pump up song? Mi Gente by J Balvin

What's your favorite Kali memory? The practice right before Christmas break we played full field and everyone was playing really well. We tried running a few new plays and everyone was in a great mood, and couldn’t wait for the spring season. That practice kept me motivated throughout winter break.

Why do role models matter? At a personal level, role models have showed me how I can make various parts of myself better; I’ve never had a single role model that I’ve based my entire life on, but multiple in an attempt to improve a lot of different pieces of myself in hopes of the outcome of being a superhuman. I think in a broad scope, the reason role models are important is because role models show a person their potential, and push them to ask more of their current selves.

What does equity mean to you? Equity means recognizing the amount of privilege you have, and being willing to give up that position to support and advance others who do not have that privilege. It goes beyond equality by providing more for those who have less by taking some from those who have the most, rather than giving the same to everyone.

What's your favorite quote? “These mountains that you are carrying, you were only supposed to climb” - Najwa Zebian