Photo by  Cameron Kirby

Photo by Cameron Kirby

106 days. 47 cities.

January 4-5: Vancouver, BC

January 6-7: Seattle, WA

January 8-9: Portland, OR

January 11: Bay Area, CA

January 13-14: Los Angeles, CA

January 18: Santa Barbara, CA

January 19: Reno, NV

January 21: Salt Lake City, UT

January 24-28: Denver & Boulder, CO

January 31: Kansas City, KS

February 1: Oklahoma City, OK

February 2: Dallas TX

February 3-4: Austin, TX

February 6: Tucson, AZ

February 7-8: Phoenix, AZ

February 10-11: San Diego, CA

February 24: Minneapolis, MN

February 27: Milwaukee, WI

February 28-March 1: Madison, WI

March 3: Chicago, IL

March 4: Ann Arbor, MI

March 6: Columbus, OH

March 7: Pittsburgh, PA

March 8: Toronto, ON

March 10: Ottawa, ON

March 12: Montreal,QC

March 13: Burlington, VT

March 14: Portland, ME

March 15: Boston, MA

March 16: Sharon, MA

March 18: Amherst, MA

March 19: Providence, RI

March 20: New Haven, CT

March 21-23: New York City, NY

March 25: Philadelphia, PA

March 27: Baltimore, MD

March 28-29: Washington, DC

March 30-31: Fools Fest, Fredericksburg, VA

April 1: Raleigh, NC

April 4: Athens, GA

April 5-6: Atlanta, GA

April 13-19: Bay Area, CA

What is it? The Crosswind Tour is an opportunity for you to get to know Upwind and for Upwind to get to know you! We'll be traveling across the United States and Canada hosting clinics, playing opportunities, workshops, and social events focused on safety, accessibility, and diving into the hard stuff!

Why? We believe equity is important and it doesn't happen overnight. Join us in putting in the work through multiple in-person conversations. 

How? In a car with a cup of coffee and a dream. We're working with incredible volunteers throughout the country to bring you these events and to make sure we have a place to stay. 

Make it to an event? Didn't make it to an event? We want to hear from ALL of you on how we can make The Crosswind Tour even better for next year and years to come! It takes less time than one karaoke song which you can definitely sing while you take this survey. 

Thanks for your help!

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