October 16, 2017

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Letter from the Editor:
Where Does the Money Go?

Some of you may be asking if Upwind is a non-profit or not and where all the money is going that we’re charging you for. Hopefully, this article clears up that speculation with some background information and a road map moving forward.

First, the company is a for-profit LLC. We have an official business bank account and pay contractors for their help with graphic design. The funding so far has come from primarily friends and family, and a few donations. We do not pay any staff yet, and have every intention of paying back writers and staff as we get the funding and grow, and we have every intention of growing.  

At Upwind, our mission is to increase the value of women in ultimate, so that men AND women AND gender nonconforming people can have more access to play with fewer economic barriers.  We believe in building a sports culture that centers itself around intersectional feminism rather than misogyny. We’re not doing it because it’s the right thing to do, we’re doing it because it’s the right business decision. The world is becoming more globalized and the US is becoming more diverse. Women are receiving more social rights and becoming more successful in business worldwide, and young girls, especially in America, have more access to playing sports growing up. However, there are limited role models, and that’s the market gap that Upwind focuses on in ultimate.

That leaves us at how, and where the money goes. Right now, it’s going to overhead costs – the website, the cost of pre-ordering gear, and the equipment we need to put on events. Once we cover that, we’ll look to hiring staff to increase our impact, starting in the US and Canada and expanding internationally.

Specifically, we’re building our media department from two types of media (written and oral) to include visuals and print. We’re developing Upwind Academy and our education department so we can continue to work on our social impact game as we also work on our physical and mental sides. And finally, we’re working on expanding to include services and connections that allow women, Trans, and gender nonconforming people to play and excel in the ultimate community. This includes coaching and player development at the youth level, increasing leadership opportunities at the high school and college level, and creating comprehensive health care support for all bodies at every level because we can’t play ultimate if our bodies aren’t feeling well.

If any of that resonates with you, please participate in our activities. Play a Fantasy Bracket, or participate in our Gender Equity Scavenger Hunt with your team. Come out to Pubwind one night if you’re in Sarasota, and if you’re not, tune in for the Live taping of The Upline Cut from 7-8 pm EST on Thursday and Friday night. And if none of those catch your fancy, drop us a line at Upwind Feedback (in the footer) and please consider donating instead.

See you in Sarasota!

Laurel Oldershaw
Founder and CEO, Upwind Ultimate LLC.

#UpwindNats Schedule is Here!

Participate with us at Nationals from the sideline or the comfort of your own home! 

Highlight of the Week


Madison Heist looks better than ever. Is this the year they break through into the top five? Follow along at #UpwindNats!