January 9, 2018

The Current

In this week's edition:

  • #HUCKYES for Consent at Tournament Parties
  • The Crosswind Tour: Updates
  • Oh Yes She Did! Weekly Highlight Clip
  • Announcements

Introducing #HUCKYES:
A New Campaign Centered on Consent


Friends. Whether you’re new to ultimate or you’re a seasoned vet who peaked in the ‘80s, it’s about time we had a chat about the birds and the bees… Upwind style.

You see, folks, when two ultimate players at a tournament party love, like, or even barely know one another, magical things can happen. Together, they might dance the night away to Beyonce, R. Kelly, or Robyn’s “Call Your Girlfriend.” They might also rip a few [dozen] Jello shots and subsequently dominate the beer pong table. They might even get blissfully lost in a forest together, regardless of whether or not it’s a camping tournament.

But enough about me and my hypothetical dream date. I want to talk about YOU and that special someone you’ve had your eye on for the past four games. No matter who you are or where your night with your new bae takes you, there’s one thing that should undeniably remain constant: your responsibility to give and receive consent before it gets hot and heavy.

That’s why this winter, Upwind will be at LA Throwback, Lei Out, and Kaimana, promoting its newest campaign, #HUCKYES. The #HUCKYES campaign aims to remind ultimate players at tournament parties that getting consent is incontestable... and hella sexy. We’ll be (consensually) spreading the love by handing out sweet #HUCKYES tattoos and continuing the conversation about the importance of safe, consensual sex. Come find us!

Get the green light first – consent is something we can all say #HUCKYES to!

The Crosswind Tour: Updates

  • The Los Angeles Pro Sports Mini-Conference has now been opened up into a Virtual Pro Sports Mini-Conference to increase engagement from the community. You can join the conversation starting on Facebook Live by clicking "Going" on the event page and liking our Facebook
  • We're coming to Burlington, Vermont on March 13th! Save the date!
  • We'll be releasing our first Facebook album and blog on Thursday via this newsletter, so please encourage your friends to sign up.
  • We want to grow our social media so we can work with bigger partners and expand our reach. Help us out by giving us a follow and a share on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Thanks to all who have come out for our first events! We look to see everyone else at our future events!

Highlight of the Week


Congratulations to all of the players at U24 Worlds! Check out this great video from the one and only Nathan Kolakovic to see the magic of the ceremonies.