February 13, 2018

The Current

In this week's edition:

  • (TW) Food, Frisbee, Feminism Special: Part 2: #HUCKYES
  • Oh Yes She Did! Weekly Highlight Clip
  • The Crosswind Tour: Upcoming Events

Food, Frisbee, Feminism Special: Part 2

This is the second in a four part series to celebrate the month of February and Food, Frisbee, Feminism, a second-year movement to bring more people in the ultimate community together over social gatherings to talk about feminism. We'll bring you three featured articles on a topic each week. Have some articles you want to share? Send them to upwindultimate@gmail.com and we'll collect them as a resource.

TRIGGER WARNING: This week's articles will focus on feminism as it relates to sexual assault and Upwind's goals to increase consent at parties. Take a look at the cross section of feminism and sexual violence.

An Intersectional Framework to Sexual Violence Prevention
By Nadeeka Karunaratne

Know Your Rights: Title IX & Sexual Assault
By the ACLU

Why we treat the victims of Larry Nassar differently than the victims of Jerry Sandusky
By Marcie Bianco

Highlight of the Week

Danielle Byers, who plays for West Chester University, made this speech in front of the men's ultimate team on the importance of being that one voice to make change with your teammates and surrounding community. Thank you Danielle for your courage and bravery to share this speech! #HUCKYES

The Crosswind Tour Upcoming Events

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