March 6, 2018

The Current

In this week's edition:

  • Becoming an Anti-Racist Organization
  • Oh Yes She Did! Weekly Highlight Clip
  • The Crosswind Tour: Upcoming Events

Becoming an Anti-Racist Organization

This week in The Current, we're taking some time for self-reflection on workplace studies. Check out this continuum to explore what being an anti-racist organization looks like and where your company might be. 

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Highlight of the Week

In honor of being in the middle of the country on The Crosswind Tour, check out the 2014 Championship game between Ohio State Fever and Oregon Fugue! #playlikeFever

The Crosswind Tour Upcoming Events

Thank you again to our sponsors, iSplack, Five Ultimate, ARIA UltimateGuayaki, and Clif Bar for keeping us fired up and ready to go!