May 1, 2018

The Current

In this week's edition:

Best of the Best: The Crosswind Tour 2018

What a great trip! Although it's 2018 and the age of "everybody wins", there were some memories that stood above the rest! Take a look below:

Screenshot (18).png

Best Party: Austin, TX
Karaoke with Moontower Ultimate

We got started at 8 pm, and didn't stop until 2 am! It was awesome to see the Austin community out and about and being vulnerable singing classic after classic after classic. 

  • Honorable Mentions: Ann Arbor, MI Silent Disco; New York City Sky is Red Fund-Rager; Berkeley Formal Bubbly Send Off 

Best Space: New York, NY

NYC space.jpg
big group talking 1.jpg

This space was beautiful - it had a massive screen to present in front of and beautiful lighting all around. There were multiple levels of ways for people to sit, both on the stands and in the front - cool to be able to move chairs around. 

  • Honorable Mentions: Philadelphia Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA; Clouds Brewery, Raleigh, NC; Urban Ecology Center, Milwaukee, WI
Madison whole group.JPG

Biggest Discussion Attendance: 
Madison, WI: 116

So many college and high school kids showed up to this event! It was great to see teams and players of all ages with administration from the Madison Radiclas, the Maudison Ufltimate Frisbee Association, and multiple club teams. 

  • Honorable mentions: Columbus, OH (72); Pittsburgh, PA (69); Minneapolis, MN (66); and Atlanta, GA (64).


    Best Little City: Reno, NV

    • Honorable Mentions: Oklahoma City, OK; Burlington, VT; Baltimore, MD

    Best Showcase Game: El Cerrito, CA
    Rising Stars Showcase Game

    We partnered with the Bay Area Disc Association to produce their second annual Rising Stars Showcase Game, an event that showcases the younger talent of the Bay Area. There were representatives from high school teams that competed earlier in the day for the High School State Championship (congrats Berkeley High!), as well as club all stars, Kirstin "KJ" Johnson (San Francisco Fury) & Angela Aie (San Francisco Nightlock).

    • Honorable Mentions: Salt Lake City Elevate vs. University of Utah Spiral Jetty; Colorado College Strata vs. Colorado Springs Womxn

    Best Youth Event: Washington, DC
    American Equity Invite Discussion

    We partnered with HB Woodlawn Pandemonium, the organizers behind the American Equity Invite, a new high school girls tournament focused on the ideas of equity. Last year, HB Woodlawn came to fame by speaking out against Ultiworld's tournament coverage at a local tournament. They have since been brainstorming ways to use their resources and knowledge to help more teams attend. We're excited to work with them at this tournament! Check out their promo video below:

    • Honorable Mentions: Bay Area GURLS Presentation; Sharon, MA The Youth are the Future

    Fast Facts

    • Longest Drive: Austin, TX to Tucson, AZ
    • Best Food: Dallas, TX: Pecan Lodge BBQ
    • Best Beer: Pittsburgh, PA: Hitchhiker Trial By Fire Saison
    • Best Sunset: Los Angeles, CA: Santa Monica Beach

    Best Events

    • Minneapolis, MN: Developing Thriving Ultimate Communities

    • New York City, NY: The Future is Nonbinary

    • San Diego, CA: Womxn's Beach Hat Tournament

    Highlight of the Week


    Angelica Arellano, a junior on Brown University Disco Inferno made this video for a film class about gender equity in sports. We're excited to feature videos that you have made so if you have a video you want to be showcased, please send it to 

    Upcoming Events

    2018 D1 College Nationals - Milwaukee, WI

    Join us for a discussion with some of the best ultimate players in the country! 

    Note: We will not be at D3 Nationals this year, although we are working to make it in future years.