May 8, 2018

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Invest in the leadership of young women of color.

Invest in Southend youth.

Invest in healing.

Invest in anti-racist gender justice work.

Build the ultimate community you want to see.

This year, the ultimate community has engaged more deeply than ever before in conversations on equity, access and inclusion in our sport. From the young women in Minnesota, the All Star tours, Fulcrum Media's highlight reels, agitation for equal media coverage across divisions, and the USAU National's gender equity discussions, we're hearing the same big questions:

  • How do we broaden access to our sport?
  • How do we support and highlight women athletes?
  • How do we create an environment that is not only inclusive, but puts people of color, women, queer and trans* folks at the center?
  • What do we actually do about all this?

At AGE UP, we know this work is about shifting power. Which means two things: moving money and ensuring that those who are most impacted by questions of equity are at the heart of any decision-making.

On the USAU Vision Tour stop in Seattle, Hana Kawai called for us to invest in local contexts. "Think about the women and the folks of color in your life," she said. "What would it look like to listen to them more deeply, to back their leaderships more fully, to bring their expertise to the leadership positions?"

We are trying everyday to answer those questions. Our priorities are to:

  • Invest in the transformative capacity of youth in South Seattle, especially young women of color, to develop positive identity and collective strength.
  • Bring together folks from diverse backgrounds through the sport and community of ultimate to build a movement for justice.
  • Build and support leadership opportunities for youth, through coaching, workshop facilitation, program coordination, and positions on our Board of Directors.

Support this work by participating in our GiveBIG fundraising campaign by donating today to All Girl Everything Ultimate Program (AGE UP) and help us reach 500 donors and $60,000 with our generous community match of $30,000. Each donor entry is a chance for us to win a $2,500 raffle prize. The majority of our funding is from our people, and most of our fundraising is word of mouth - so this is a crucial way you can support.

Share with your teams and GIVE BIG today!

Much love,

AGE UP/Southend Ultimate

Penny Nguyen, Lynda Hoang, Miko Pugal, Sam Terry and Hana Kawai.

Note: This article was printed last year on The National Ultimate League. We are reprinting this with updated numbers from this year's number goals. 

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Getting ready for Worlds like.... Thanks Nathan Kolokovic for the video!

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2018 D1 College Nationals - Milwaukee, WI

Join us for a discussion with some of the best ultimate players in the country! 

Note: We will not be at D3 Nationals this year, although we are working to make it in future years.