Uplift Each Other

November 16, 2017

As we begin to move into the offseason and the college season, let's read some personal stories about the impact of safety and how creating safe spaces is healing, centering, and inspiring.


Black Lives Matter Cofounder Alicia Garza Talks Staying Centered in the Face of Extreme Adversity

Alicia Garza tells a personal story on how she finds the strength to continue to organize, despite the emotional burden and toll.

An Introduction to Consent at Party Tournaments

An in-depth and practical article by Kira Morin of RenFitness beginning the conversation of how we can bring consent to the tournaments coming up this offseason. 

I Have a Story to Tell You.

A narrative by Kellie Koester on how our history of experiences off the field impact our experiences on the field, and why "a frisbee escape" isn't accessible by everyone.