Uplift Each Other

August 15, 2017

The incidents in Charlottesville,VA have woken up white Americans to the explicit racism that still exists in America. However, it's the work we do in between the published incidents that have just as much of an impact on bringing social change to the world.

Please read the following articles with an open mind to learn, grow, and heal one another, to remove bigotry from our planet by being a little more honest with one another, and recognizing that with privilege, particularly white privilege (includes all of my Jewish friends as well, including myself!), we can check out when we feel it's too uncomfortable. Commit to stay involved, especially when it's uncomfortable.  

From Instagram @blackgirlhope

From Instagram @blackgirlhope

She Ain't My Wonder Woman: The Problematics of White Feminism and Film, guest piece by Damali Speaks

Damali Speaks is a blog of sorts created from a young black queer woman theater artist’s way of making sense of the world. This exploration turned into a self love journey and here she is. Originally a New Yorker, she is currently residing in between Los Angeles, California and Brooklyn, New York. In addition to her own personal artistry decorating this blog space, she is the Artistic Director of Speak Theater Productions.  Make sure to follow her on Instagram @blackgirlhope for more!


Charlottesville: White Supremacy Throws a Dangerous Tantrum, originally posted by Aya de Leon

"We need to resist Tr*mp, we need to push back against white supremacy, and all the while, we need to work to put progressives in power to lead and govern in the service of working people instead of the wealthy and corporate elites. You can’t reason with racists based on logic. But if progressives can get into power and start to alleviate the economic woes and difficult living conditions for all working people, we can establish a counter-narrative to the scapegoating of POC. Because the more insecure and unstable that racist white people feel, the more violently and irrationally they cling to the second promise of white supremacy: no matter how downtrodden you are, you are always better than the coloreds."

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30+ Alternatives to Help You Stop Using Ableist and Homophobic Phrases, originally posted by Everyday Feminism

Language impacts us greatly in ways that we often can't quantify or notice till later. Check out this list of phrases to improve how we communicate with one another. If you enjoyed this piece and are able, considering donating $10 to Everyday Feminism!