October 23, 2017

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In this week's edition:

  • #UpwindNats Recap
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2017 Club Nationals Report Back

Beth Kaylor of San Francisco Fury. (Christopher Strub)

Beth Kaylor of San Francisco Fury. (Christopher Strub)

Congratulations San Francisco Fury and Seattle Mixtape for winning the 2017 USA Ultimate Club Nationals!

The Upwind crew went to sunny Sarasota to look at what needs still exist in ultimate media for the mixed and women's division. We'll be reporting more in depth work over the next few weeks, but for now, let's take a look back on our journey from the past weekend.

1. Pubwind presents The Upline Cut: LIVE

On Thursday and Friday evening, we brought player into the studio to do a couple of Facebook Live interviews. Check out our conversation on the gender equity movement with Manisha Daryani, Jackie Wang, and Jordan Taylor of San Francisco Mischief, as well as our all star-packed show on Friday! We got Carolyn Normile and Anna Thompson of Philadelphia AMP, Jeff Babbit of Boston Dig, Mish Phillips of Madison Heist, and Chip Chang of Minnesota Pop. Afterwards, we shared some personal stories over a couple beers. We'll be releasing the audio on Soundcloud and iTunes soon, and for now, be sure to watch the videos on our Facebook page!  

The  Boston Brute Squad  D - Line runs down on the pull. (Christopher Strub)

The Boston Brute Squad D - Line runs down on the pull. (Christopher Strub)

2. Gear Release

We have the first round of Upwind gear available! Warm up in our new daywalkers, cozy up in a tshirt, and get inspired by our first round of posters. Our 5 panel hats are officially sold out!! We'll be releasing more in the Spring on The Crosswind Tour - stay tuned.

Sam Stovall of  Atlanta Ozone . (Christopher Strub)

Sam Stovall of Atlanta Ozone. (Christopher Strub)

3. Fantasy Bracket

Congratulations to Brenna Hokanson for winning our Fantasy Bracket for the Mixed Division, Lizzie Jones for their bracket in the women's division, and Trisha Roberson for their bracket in the men's division! Enjoy your sweet prizes

Amel Awadelkarim of  Washington DC Scandal  throws against Marisa Rafter of  San Francisco Nightlock . (Christopher Strub)

Amel Awadelkarim of Washington DC Scandal throws against Marisa Rafter of San Francisco Nightlock. (Christopher Strub)

4. #UpwindAtHome Equity Scavenger Hunt

This activity got unfortunately pushed to the side because we ran out of capacity. However, we still want to get you involved so if you still want to participate, the tasks are listed below! Post a photo on social media (Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram) with the task number and tag #UpwindAtHome so we can share!

  1. Choose your favorite play from a streamed women's game.
  2. Follow 3 new women ultimate players on Twitter.
  3. Discuss the terms "Equity" vs. "Equality" with a friend or teammate.
  4. Put your local Crosswind Tour dates in your calendar.
  5. Follow Upwind on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
  6. Submit a question to The Upline Cut.
  7. Write a Haiku about your favorite team.
  8. Define "intersectionality".
  9. Make a drawing about what you love most about the ultimate community.
  10. Assign each women's team to a Hogwarts house.
  11. Retweet your favorite women's Callahan video.
  12. Pick your First-Team-All-Stars for the women's division.
  13. Come up with an actionable step (big or small) that you can do with your team to promote gender equity in ultimate.
  14. Who was Kathy Pufahl?
  15. Come up with an original cheer for one of the women's teams.
The #UpwindNats crew. (Jesse Shofner)

The #UpwindNats crew. (Jesse Shofner)

Well, that's a wrap! Thanks for a great Club Nationals and see y'all next year. Love the events you're seeing? Want something different? We're coming to a city near you in the upcoming #XWTour and follow us on social media! 

Upwind Crew for 2017 USAU Club Nationals: Kaitlin Brunik, Topher Davis, Julia Johnson, Luke Johnson, Victoria McCann, Laurel Oldershaw, and Christopher Strub. 

Highlight of the Week


Jesse Shofner of Denver Molly Brown with an unreal defensive performance against, Sandy Jorgensen of Washington DC Scandal, one of the best downfield cutters in the world.

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