January 9, 2018

The Current

In this week's edition:

  • Report Back from Throwback & #HUCKYES
  • Announcing: Upwind is partnering with Colorado Kali
  • Oh Yes She Did! Weekly Highlight Clip

Report Back from #HUCKYES:
A New Campaign Centered on Consent

throwback team pic.jpg

Thanks for a great Throwback experience to my Upwind team! Y'all rocked it on the field and in the conversations at home. It was great to experience a team with such commitment to community, consent, and equity. Looking forward to seeing you along the rest of the tour! 

The #HUCKYES campaign was a success. We had some incredible jerseys (see above, and also in our Store), discussed the campaign in our spirit circles, and released a SnapChat geofilter at both the Throwback and Lei Out parties. Looking forward to seeing you at Kaimana! 

Upwind Ultimate is Partnering with Colorado Kali


Upwind Ultimate is excited to announce that we are partnering with Colorado Kali to bring a further integrated partnership around increasing equitable access to elite competition and training. Upwind is supporting Kali off the field so they can excel on the field. Upwind will also be updating Kali's media and producing more hype content to bring you closer to the journey to a college championship. 

Join us next Friday, January 26, from 7-10 pm at The Avalon in Boulder, CO. Tickets are sliding scale $20-50 ($10 for students) and includes dinner and 3 drink tickets. We will be presenting Kali with their jerseys, and there will also be a photo booth and door prizes. Note: This is a semi-formal event. 

Highlight of the Week


Shout out to our very own Rayna Wachs, Tour Producer for this incredible Week 1 Recap of the tour. Check it out!