March 13, 2018

The Current

In this week's edition:

  • Special Partnership and Discount Announcements! 
  • Oh Yes She Did! Weekly Highlight Clip
  • The Crosswind Tour: Upcoming Events

Special Partnership & Discount Announcements

Now you can enjoy special discounts from these companies using the promo code:


SurfDurt is a sunscreen company run by two California surfers and a chemist dad from Hawaii. SurfDurt is a sunscreen that is “safe for you, your skin & the most essential ocean ecosystem. There are no added chemicals, hormone disrupters or toxins. We don't even add scent." SurfDurt is a solar powered company that helps "prevent 8 million pounds of toxic pollution from destroying the international coral reefs every year." 

From their website,RenFitness is a women owned and operated small business. We are a strength and conditioning community here to help you train for your goals, whether in competitive sport or living a healthy life!” Great organization with a super helpful virtual gym so you can do your workouts anywhere.

SISU is a mouthguard company run by Akervall Technologies Inc (ATI). “ATI is committed to revolutionizing the mouthguard industry by using disruptive technologies to create the strongest, most comfortable mouthguards in the world. On the mission to become the Global Golden Standard in mouth guards, Akervall Technologies is consistently leading in research and development with premium novel materials, elegant engineering solutions, innovative brand marketing and sales strategies, and extraordinary customer service.”

Tokay produces ultimate related cleats, with reinforced soles, and a design plan to reduce the environmental impact of cleats in the long run while not sacrificing on quality. They are great cleats, with nice long studs to move quickly around the field. The low-cut fits nicely around the ankle giving plenty of comfort and stability. For those looking for new cleats this summer, check them out!

ISPLACK Logo True Blue.png

iSplack is a company that's part of Black Lab Sports, a company looking at bringing more innovation within the sports industry. iSplack sells eye black from a wide range of colors. Get your eye black today and get your colors on! 

Highlight of the Week

Happy Women's History Month! Let's take a look back at some of the best frisbee highlights ever.