April 3, 2018

The Current

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  • Thank you Fools Fest! 
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Thank you Fools Fest! 

The original plan for this weekend was to head to Richmond, Virginia on our way to Raleigh North Carolina. However, after talking with DC folks to plan our Thursday event, we chatted about the fact that this weekend was Fools Fest, a party tournament going into its 41st year with the remaining men’s, women’s, and mixed divisions. The theme is based on April Fools Day with each tam required to put in a bid with some type of game that has an alcoholic and nonalcoholic option available. Teams are scored upon Spirit and Foolishness levels – do they support the spirit of the game and do they support the goofiness of the tournament? Additionally, they have a beer garden (available to those who are 21+), which is included in the team’s bid fee.


Since the timing worked perfectly, we decided to push back our Richmond, Virginia stop since everyone was going to be at Fools Fest. This was our first time tabling, and so we decided to continue the work we started at Throwback earlier this trip and focus on our #HUCKYES campaign to increase sexual consent at parties.


Throughout the weekend, we had opportunities to talk different people around the importance of sexual consent and it being Active, Enthusiastic, and Freely Given. We also handed out gold tattoos that said “#HUCKYES” that lasted throughout the party for people to wear throughout the evening. We also put our posters up in the Beer Garden to almost (ALMOST) make it like a women’s sports bar. We’re continuing the conversation and need your help to improve our resources! Please take a couple seconds to fill out this survey and continue the work!

To find out more about our #HUCKYES campaign, check out this article

Highlight of the Week

Getting ready for Worlds like... #playlikeRevolution #playlikeMollyBrown