January 6: Seattle Play Safe, Party Safe

We kicked off Seattle at RenFitness, one of the few other women-owned and operated businesses in ultimate. After a quick workout for the crew using their incredible squat racks and equipment set-up, we brought people into the space to break down the complex concept of "safety".

With tacos and beer from local providers, we moved into the discussion format, starting in a big group setting and then moving into extended small-group conversations. Shout out to volunteers from the local 77 Cents crew, a group of female-identifying players who play in winter mixed league. 

Some of the biggest takeaways were that people have control over their body and the way they think they are impacting others might not match other people's images. We also came up with a set of Safe Space guidelines (pictured below) that can be used at workshops, on the ultimate field, and during parties. 

Also, despite having a great conversation on what "safety" means and looks like, we have to acknowledge that not everyone was represented at this discussion. Trans women of color have been brutally murdered at a higher rate than any other demographic, so the question then comes from an organizational standpoint, are we actually creating safe spaces for everyone? Who are we excluding and how can we include them in the future?

Laurel OldershawComment