January 5: Vancouver Womyn's Mixer and Community Afterparty

One of the goals of the Tour is to experiment with space and operations, and so we got our first opportunity to do that during the Womyn's Mixer, in which we invited female-identifying, Trans, and gender-nonbinary people in the community. We had a gallery walk featuring interactive questions to encourage dialogue and reflection. 

One of the biggest learnings from the evening came from feedback on Twitter as we were promoting the event that the term "womyn" has been used in the past to marginalize Trans communities, and so next time we have an event like this, we will use the term womxn instead. It's really cool to see how language can have such a great impact, how it's use can be called out, and how simple it is to move forward and celebrate new language! 

After the Womyn's Mixer, we headed over to The Bimini, a nearby bar which gave us drink discounts with each ticket. It was exciting to get such a big group of male-identifying players out at the end of the night who respect the space of the womyn's mixer and still wanted to support us! 

Laurel OldershawComment