January 13-14: Throwback!

Upwind got together at Throwback to build community discussion over gender equity and the #HUCKYES campaign to increase sexual consent at parties. We brought in players from across the country who had never played before in the Champion's bracket at Throwback and finished 6th(!!!) - it was such a fun time getting to learn and play with this squad! 

Shout out to all of our team members: (Back Row, left to right: Laurel Oldershaw, Marcus Thaw, Patrick Hart, Jude LaRene, Isaiah Schneeweis-LaRene, Manzell Blakeley. Front Row, left to right: Nick Logler, Lindsay Kappen, Glenn Poole, Rayna Wachs, Britta Jones, Jen Schneeweis. Bottom row: Mira Schneeweis-LaRene)

Laurel OldershawComment