April 24, 2018

The Current

In this week's edition:

Best of the Best: The Crosswind Tour 2018

What a great trip! Although it's 2018 and the age of "Everybody wins", there were some memories that stood above the rest! Take a look below:

·       Best Party: Austin, TX – Karaoke

o   Honorable mention (Ann Arbor Silent Disco, New York City Sky is Red Fund-Rager

·       Best Space: RiseNY

o   Honorable Mention – Philadelphia Jefferson University, Raleigh Clouds Brewery

·       Best Little City: Reno

o   Honorable Mentions Oklahoma City, Milwaukee,

·       Biggest Discussions:

o   Madison: 116

o   Columbus: 72

o   Pitt: 69

o   Minneapolis: 66

o   Atlanta: 64

·       Best Showcase Game: Bay Area Rising Stars Showcase Game

o   Honorable Mention: Salt Lake City Elevate vs. University of Utah Spiral Jetty, Colorado College Strata vs. Colorado Springs Womxn

·       Best Youth Event

o   DC: American Equity Invite

o   Honorable Mentions: Bay Area GURLS presentation, Sharon The Youth are the Future

·       Longest Drive – Austin to Tucson

·       Best Food: Dallas BBQ & Atlanta BBQ

o   Honorable Mention

·       Best Bed: Philly

·       Best Tournament

o   Fredericksburg, VA – Fools Fest

o   Honorable Mention: Throwback, Pres Day

·       Best Events:

o   NYC: The Future is Nonbinary

o   MN – Developing Thriving Ultimate Communities

o   SD Womxn’s Beach Hat Tournament

Honorable Mentions: Atlanta Intersectiona

Highlight of the Week


The Crosswind Tour is practically over and we are excited to present our first ever showcase game in a partnership with Bay Area Disc Association, called the Rising Stars Showcase Game! Enjoy the awesome footage from Rodney Chen. #XWTour

Upcoming Events

2018 D1 College Nationals - Milwaukee, WI

Join us for a discussion with some of the best ultimate players in the country! 

Note: we're working to make it to D3 Nationals in future years.